2017 Best Nine: My Year in Travel

#2017bestnine is trending all over social right now. I’ve shared my best nine for the past three years and it’s becoming something of an end of year tradition. I love the way it plays back your year with your most liked Instagram pictures and for me, because the majority of my posts are travel-fuelled, it’s a great way to reflect on a year of adventure! With 32,033 likes for a total of 572 posts in 2017, here are my 2017 best nine, according to Instagram…


From top row to bottom row, here’s a run down of what I think made these moments the best…

Top row top left: Star Island, Miami

This is basically a window into how the other half live. Dozens of A-list celebrities are said to have homes on Star Island and as we took a boat tour round the island, we were treated to a display from these jet skiers. I was too far away to tell if they’re famous though!

Top row middle: Wynwood Walls, Miami

One of my highlights of 2017, the Wynwood Walls are a street art lover’s paradise! I’m a big fan of street art and having it on my doorstep in London, I’m always admiring new pieces. The Wynwood Walls project in Miami is pretty epic. The designs are fantastic and there are some cool cafes and bars in the area too.

Top row top right: Wynwood Art Walk, Miami

This happens on the first Saturday of every month and we were lucky enough to time our visit to Miami with this, not that we knew it was on as it was a chance encounter after a great dinner at Wynwood bar/restaurant Kush. Wynwood Art Walk has live music, light displays, art, street food and drink and stalls selling home-made goodies.

Middle row left: Brick Lane, London

I took this photo way back in the early half of this year while I was escorting a film shoot around Brick Lane. This bright pink door caught my eye and the print you can see over the door is tiny little knickers!

Middle row middle: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Milan

I visited Milan in March 2017 and it was my second visit to the Italian city after a fleeting visit for work in 2014. After not being overly impressed three years ago, this time I was blown away and loved it! Neighbourhoods like Brera and Navigli are well worth checking out but iconic places like the Galleria next to the Duomo are classically beautiful.

Middle row right: Greenwich Village, New York

I’ve been living in New York since September and experienced my first snow storm there on the first weekend of December, just as I took a food tour of Greenwich Village! It wasn’t the ideal weather for standing outside tasting different foods but New York suits snow, don’t you think?

Bottom row bottom left: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Milan

This place features twice in my best nine so it must be pretty special! If you visit the Galleria, don’t forget to look up at the impressive domed roof!

Bottom row middle: The Shard, London

I remember taking this photo on a cold March night after going for dinner at Chriskitch in Hoxton. There was a full moon but the sky was mottled with low cloud. The Shard is one of those buildings that you have to capture whenever you see it. Although a fairly recent addition to the London skyline, it still screams the city to me.

Bottom row bottom right: Crystal Palace, London

I’m so happy this photo made it into my nine most liked of 2017. This is my favourite view in the whole wide world and to me, it’s home. I’d recommend anyone visiting London to take the train to Crystal Palace in zone 3 and stand at the top of Westow Hill looking out over the London skyline. Magical.

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