So let me introduce myself.

I’m Emma. My friends joke I should be called VisitEmma as I’m always off travelling somewhere. As my blog title suggests, I’m based in London. But, I want to show you that there’s a big wide world out there. Yes, there’s more than London. A lot bloody more to be frank. I’m not talking about far flung places that you fly away to. Well, sometimes I might. I’m mainly talking about Britain and the wealth of pretty places, cute villages, kitsch cafés, scrumptious restaurants, that there is to take in. And that applies to within London too. It’s not just that city famed around the world for Big Ben, red buses, black taxis, red phone boxes and that big wheel on the River Thames (oh, and you know, HRH the Queen). There’s a lot more to London too.

The automated title of this specific blog post is pretty apt so I’m not going to change it. Open your eyes and peer in to this big, new world…

Sit back, relax and let me take you away with me.


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